Liberty Walk Unveils Their McLaren 650S Concept

Photo Credit: Liberty Walk via IG
Photo Credit: Liberty Walk via IG /

The Japanese aero company infamous for popularizing over fenders and aggressive fitments in the United States has unveiled their latest concept, a McLaren 650S.

If it’s got four wheels and carries any amount of street cred in the motoring world Liberty Walk, at one time or another, will make a body kit for that particular car. Earlier today Liberty Walk unveiled on Instagram their latest concept that will soon see production and is currently the first McLaren Liberty Walk has touched, a 650S. Check out their Instagram post below and let us know what you think about their latest creation in the comments. On a side note, today is the birthday of the founder of Liberty Walk, Mr. Wataru Kato!

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In their typical aero-swagger style, they’ve rendered this British-born supercar with a complete body kit from bumper to bumper. That means this particular McLaren 650S is sporting all new front, side, and rear diffusers as well as a garish rear wing jutting out the back. Oh, and we can’t forget those iconic over fenders ’round every wheel corner.

McLaren is known for making some of the world’s best supercars, perfected thanks to thousands (nay millions?) of hours in virtual and real wind tunnels as well as the hard efforts of all their engineers. However, once their precious piece of engineering perfection leaves showroom floors, it’s open to interpretation from the aftermarket, even if it “jives against” its wind shaped lines. What results is one ground hugging, aggressive looking McLaren 650S that is sure to cause a couple of engineers in Woking, Surrey, England to wince when they catch wind of this Japanese tuning company’s take on their 207 MPH supercar.

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We’re sure to see this kit in the hands of some young Hollywood socialite who wants to stand out from the rest of the supercar club. Heck. The Biebs has one on his Ferrari.