Watch This Super Clean Nissan Z32 Turn Over 300,000 Miles

Photo Credit: ZTuneChannel via YouTube
Photo Credit: ZTuneChannel via YouTube /

We’ve all seen our fair share of Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas showing off their high-mileage feats but now it’s this Nissan Z32’s time to shine. 

Turning over 100,000 miles is instagram-worthy and nothing more. When your car has reached 200,000 miles, you’re officially in the high-mileage club and you’ve grown quite attached to your car. But when you go 300,000 miles and beyond in your car, that’s cause for a celebration. According to NBA_med on reddit /r/cars earlier Friday afternoon, his beloved Nissan 300ZX (Z32) finally reached 300,000 miles and he caught the epic moment on video. Check out that video below.

In the background of the video, you can clearly hear the distinctive tone of the VG30DE with a much clearer throat thanks to what we assume to be a free-flowing exhaust. After a couple of seconds above 3,000 RPM, the odometer rolls over from 299,999 to 300,000 onwards to its journey to 400,000 miles and beyond.

Most car owners who’ve had their cars for this long and had the opportunity to rack so many miles on its motor and chassis usually have a strong connection with their vehicle and this Nissan 300ZX is no different.

According to nba_med,

"This is my first car and I’ve owned it for a little over 6 years now. This is the car that got me to college everyday. This is the car that led me to a new passion in cars, which resulted in meeting so many amazing people who I feel honored and grateful to hold friendships with. This is the car that taught me how to ‘get your hands dirty’, the joy of motorsport, the value of a dollar, persistence. This is the car that nobody used to look at, the car that people used to always tell me was nothing and that I was wasting my time… but I still kept to the vision. This is my Fairlady Z."

NBA_med was also kind enough to share some photos of his beloved Z32. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that this is one of the better, well taken cared for examples.

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The Nissan 300ZX, initially not as popular as some of its other 90’s Japanese competitors, is finally getting the attention and praise it deserves. With a stout engine in both N/A and turbo variants as well as a timeless design, they’ve only grown in popularity as the years have gone by. Those owners who’ve stuck with this chassis since the beginning, once heralded as nothing special, can now benefit from a competent engineering package in an ever changing car scene.

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NBA_Med’s 300ZX is testament to what good maintenance and a little TLC can do. Here’s to 300,000 more miles.