Ford Transit Van With RB26DETT Swap Is Your Unlikely Tire Slayer

PC: AdamC3046 via YouTube
PC: AdamC3046 via YouTube /

Some mad mechanics in Lithuania shoehorned a RB26DETT into your run of the mill Ford Transit Van and christened the project by doing three minutes worth of donuts. 

What happens when you combine your need for a daily workhorse with your love for high-horsepower drift machines? According to our Lithuanian motoring friends over at 98.LT earlier Tuesday, an RB26DETT powered Ford Transit van is what results. To celebrate and christen in this marriage of engine and chassis, they took this Ford Transit GT-R out to a local meet and blessed the crowd with its smokey goodness. Check out that video below!

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According to the story, Skudo Auto Club needed a new workhorse vehicle to carry parts to and from their shop. They had recently just crashed their previous Ford Transit van and acquired a much newer one to replace it. As far as utility is concerned, the Ford Transit van is an absolute ace. But when it came down to driving enjoyment, the stock engine didn’t do much justice.

The old motor from the Ford Transit was yanked out and an RB26DETT from an R33 Nissan GT-R was swapped in. Typically power specs pegged these run-of-the-mill delivery vehicles at around 130 HP and 215 lb-ft but with this swap, power is raised to around 320 HP and 315 lb-ft.

Add on R35 wheels, a ceramic clutch, straight pipe exhaust out the side, and a column-mounted hydraulic brake and you have a workhorse turned into full-on tire slayer drift machine.

Originally when the project started “workers laughed and shook their heads.” Now, “Everyone likes it. Sometimes it’s even impossible to gain access to the Transit as people are gathered around it watching and staring.”

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We absolutely love this project and can’t wait to see what they have in store for this Ford Transit.