Oblivious Teen Orders Some McDonalds While Being Pulled Over

PC: @DevonSamanthaX3 via twitter
PC: @DevonSamanthaX3 via twitter /

This 18-year-old Michigan teen didn’t know she was being pulled over for speeding when police “lit her up.” Instead of pulling over, she pulled into the nearest McDonalds and began ordering. 

Update: Just in case you were wondering, she ordered a sausage McMuffin with egg & a coke. And that GoFundMe? Just a harmless joke. It has since been removed. 

When police are pulling you over, usually you’ll safely pull to the side and patiently wait as the local police decide your fate. If you’re smart, you’ll remove your keys, place them on the dash, place your hands on the steering wheel and make sure you’ve got your story straight.

But in the case of 18-year-old Devon Hembree of Warren, Michigan, instead of pulling over when police turned on the reds and blues for speeding, Devon continued into the nearest McDonalds drive-thru and proceeded to order up some breakfast.

The best part was the traffic officer wrote on the ticket in the section titled remarks,

"“Instead of pulling over, pulled into Mcdonalds Drive-through and began ordering. “"

According to the ticket, Devon was caught going 30 MPH above the speed limit in a 40 MPH designated zone (caught going 70 MPH in a 40 MPH zone.) In the state of Michigan, speeding over 26 MPH+ carries a fine of $170 (plus fees) and three points on your driving record.

In Devon’s defense and as stated on her Twitter post in regards to going into McDonalds,

"When you don’t realize you’re getting pulled over…"

As for the actual speeding, the police do have her on radar, so Devon won’t have much of a defense there.

Since she tweeted out her ticket with that infamous remark, it’s been retweeted close to 23,000 times and reposted all over Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit, and Instagram.

Even her sister retweeted her tweet with her own addition.

And the fight for her “justice” hasn’t stopped with a tweet. Devon’s started a GoFundMe to raise $600 for the ticket as well as lawyers fees. We’re not entirely too sure she has much of a case here, but if some generous individuals would like to donate, here’s the link. 

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It looks like her foray into McDonalds was an innocent mistake and we hope Devon will slow down in the future. As for her court date in two weeks, we’re wishing her all the best.