Pagani Huayra La Monza Lisa Crashes In Miami

Photo Credit: @Swiss_Cars via Instagram
Photo Credit: @Swiss_Cars via Instagram /

Kris Singh’s iconic Pagani Huayra nicknamed the La Monza Lisa was involved in a crash earlier this evening in South Beach, Miami.

While other supercar owners might mothball their prized possession to never see the light of day, supercar owners like Kris Singh isn’t afraid to drive his Pagani Huayra on the daily. Unfortunately, that means exposing all that lovely carbon fiber and one-off body panels to risks.  According to Kris Singh off of Instagram earlier this evening, his La Monza Lisa was involved in an accident with what looks like a Hyundai Sonata. Check out some of the gut-wrenching videos and photos below.

According to Singh,

"I am on Instagram to share my automotive experiences; both good and bad. This is the main reason why many of my friends who own super cars fear driving them – Earlier this evening I was involved in a car accident on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach while driving La Monza Lisa. I was traveling northbound on Collins Ave when someone pulled out from a side street and hit the rear passenger side of my Pagani Huayra. I was going the speed limit and I didn’t see it coming at all.Thankfully, the Pagani Huayra is built unbelievably strong and I didn’t feel a thing. Being in the heart of South Beach, there were many witnesses there to confirm that I was not breaking any laws and the car (seen in this photo) pulled out from a side street and stuck La Monza Lisa.I am very sad but I am also very thankful that no one got hurt. This is the kind of accident that can happen to anyone at anytime and there is no avoiding it. I do not drink alcohol, I do not do any drugs or take any prescription medication and this was in no way my fault. Thanks to all of the people who came running to help, the extremely helpful Miami Beach Fire Department, the Miami Beach Police Department and everyone at Pagani Automobili and Prestige Imports. The good news is that La Monza Lisa actually doesn’t have much damage. It appears to be cosmetic. Lisa will be back and better than ever in no time."

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With only 100 Pagani Huayras made, not counting some of the special one-off editions, this is certainly a rare car. At $1.3 million for each, buying one isn’t for your average sports car enthusiast. Then again, if you’re in the market for one, asking the MSRP for one of these 720 HP supercars isn’t really something you do.  And Kris Singh is no ordinary owner. Singh happens to own a Lamborghini Veneno as well (one of three!)

The La Monza Lisa was the first special edition Huayra that sports a special tricolore racing stripe on the hood and sides in an homage to the Zonda Revolucion. Inside, there’s a custom bright red interior. And La Monza Lisa is louder to ride in then an “ordinary” Huayra as the fully exposed carbon fiber transmits more engine vibration to the carbon fiber seat backs.

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As all things that are damaged, it will be rebuilt again. We assume that means shipping the car back to  San Cesario Sul Panaro MO, Italy (the home of Pagani) for special repairs. It’s not like you can drop this car off at the local MAACO.