Williams Reveals Their FW38 Racecar For The 2016 F1 Season

Photo Credit: Williams F1
Photo Credit: Williams F1 /

Williams F1 took to Twitter to announce their FW38 racecar that Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas will pilot. 

With a third place finish amongst the rest of the constructors, Williams F1 made it clear in their official announcement that they would be the “best of the rest” after Mercedes and Ferrari. According to an official tweet and press release from Williams F1 earlier Friday, they’ve revealed the FW38 that Massa and Bottas will be driving. Check out a couple of the exclusive photos from their press release below. It’s an iconic Williams livery if we ever saw it.

Photo Credit: Williams F1
Photo Credit: Williams F1 /

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If you’ve seen a Williams F1 car anytime during the past two seasons, this red, white, and blue livery should look surprisingly similar.

In regards to the 2016 season, team principal Frank Williams made it clear that they’ve got plenty of fighting spirit and will continue to carry on the momentum from last season. To say there isn’t the slightest correlation between teams who have larger budgets and the amount of podium finishes they garner would be false. If you’re a fan of Williams, you’re well aware of how they do so well with a much smaller budget.

"“Williams has started to cement our position back amongst the front running teams after finishing third in the Championship in the past two seasons. This has been a great achievement given the resources of those around us. Staying where we are will be a challenge in itself, but we are determined to keep improving because only winning will ever be good enough."

Both Bottas and Massa reiterated how they’re excited to be working together again and it looks like both the engineers and drivers have done their homework on where they need to improve. Then again, it’s pretty much all theory at this point which must translate to wins on the track.

As for the actual FW38, if you pay close attention to last year’s car, this car looks a lot more aggressive. Slimming has been done all most major surfaces to further chop through the wind easier. The biggest change can be seen in the redesigned air intake and the new conditioners on the side pods. Other than that, it’s hard to pinpoint any other major changes.

2016.2.19 FW38 1
2016.2.19 FW38 1 /

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Starting car development from Fw37 to FW38 a bit earlier than last year should bode well for the team come testing that commences in Barcelona on Monday. Testing concludes on March 4.  Then its two weeks of rest before their first race in Albert Park, Australia.