Sunday Short Video: Car Control in a ’65 Porsche 911

Photo Credit: Goodwood Road & Racing, Screenshot Via YouTube
Photo Credit: Goodwood Road & Racing, Screenshot Via YouTube /

Some of the best racing is still done in a vintage Porsche 911.

Racing.  For us petrolheads, there are ways to express our competitiveness.  Some of us try to get the fastest drag car.  Some of us want to improve out skills at the track.  Some of us want to actually build the best performing car out there.  In my case, my competitiveness wasn’t with another driver.  It was within me.  I constantly wanted to seek out ways to become a better driver.  Exploring different chassis dynamics and weight distribution of different vehicles was the best way for me to start.

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I had written about my first car crush, the

Toyota Mr2

.  That car was a great next step coming from a 1998 Toyota Corolla.  Sure, it had Corolla power at just 130 horsepower, but it had sports car grip, sports car brakes, and sports car reactions that needed sports car reflexes.  I learned a lot about the challenges of that car, at daily driving speeds, and various situations.  It kept me on guard.  The Toyota Mr2 is known for snap oversteer, and I learned quickly how to catch it.

The ultimate challenge for me, would be to maximize the abilities of a vintage Porsche 911.

The fellas of Goodwood Road & Racing, show us what true competitiveness and car control is all about.

Fantastic to see isn’t it?  It isn’t a long endurance race.  It’s not a well-gripped, well-formed F1 race.  It’s not a series of consecutive crashes at a NASCAR race.  It is simply, two competitors, getting the best out of their abilities, and demonstrating true car control on a Porsche 911.

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That type of handling is what gives the 911 a sense of being a true drivers’ car.  It is the ultimate in applied racing knowledge and using the car’s abilities to best cut lap times.

We hope that you are on your search to be a better driver, whether it’s in a rally school, racing school, or any other competitive setting.

But keep in mind the safety of yourself and others, and only be competitive, on a proper race track.