Gymkhana 8: Ken Block’s Ultra-Reflective Fiesta Hoons With Light


Ken Block and Hoonigan unveiled their 2016 Ford Fiesta to be used in Gymkhana 8. 

While we loved the Hoonicorn’s black and green livery and every other iteration of his Focus and Fiesta that looked like they photoshopped a multi-coloured Zebra as their color palette, the guys at Hoonigan took their paint schemes up a notch anyways. According to Hoonigan on their official press release they dropped earlier Monday, it looks like Ken Block gets a sweet reflective paint job on his Ford Fiesta. Check out the reflective paint job in their unveil video for yourself and be prepared to get your mind blown.

In regular light, the Ford Fiesta sports a black-on-black livery. But depending on how the light hits the reflective paint, the looks change with the angle of the light hitting the exterior. In addition, this little unveil serves a bit of P.R. duty by introducing Toyo Tires as their official tire supplier. For the past couple of years, Block’s tire slaying supplier of choice has been Pirelli. For 2016, it looks like they’ve ended their contract.

Diptic (1)
Diptic (1) /

Mark your calendars as Gymkhana 8 drops exactly one week from today on that extra day in February, the 29th at 9 P.M. PST. Rumor has it that they’re in Dubai this time.

And if you want all these sweet reflective paint technology but down want to spec out a Ford Fiesta for yourself, fear not. You can now get the same steeze from Block’s Fiesta on a hoodie, shirt, tank, sticker, hat and much more.

Photo Credit: Hoonigan
Photo Credit: Hoonigan /

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Yup, they also have Gymkhana 8 socks available. For when you need socks, but Hoonigan is life.