Sergey Kabargin And His 900HP Supra Is Serious Ken Block Competition

Photo Credit: Sergey Kabargin
Photo Credit: Sergey Kabargin /

Sergey Kabargin and his 900 HP Supra just released a drift gymkhana video of epic proportions. 

If you don’t know the name Sergey Kabargin, you’re about to. Earlier Wednesday Kabragin uploaded a video to his personal YouTube showcasing his Top Secret Toyota Supra straight whipping it through the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia. We’re going to assume that although his budget wasn’t as big as the American Hoonigan Ken Block, his video was more entertaining. Check out this piece of Russian hoonage below.

According to Drive.2RU who understands just how awesome this video is, it took Sergey more than two years to get all the required permits to lay down his epic run. When everything was ready for filming, Sergey and his production team opted not to sleep at all the day before in preparation for the morning run you see before you. In less than three minutes, Sergey blankets this iconic Russian town in tire smoke. Crowds of onlookers don’t seem to mind at all and the kids are absolutely enamored at the sight of a real-deal drift car blessing them with drift goodness.

The car itself is pretty special. Take a look at a bit of social media surrounding this boosted beast.

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Speed Hunters did a pretty good job highlighting why this car is so special. You’d think the infamous 2JZ resides underneath but in its place is a Mast Motorsport RHS466 V8 a.k.a. one big honking LSx Swap. Exhaust gasses are expelled via an Inconel and titanium system.

Around all four corners are three-way adjustable Nitron coil overs with Wisefab extra-lock components. Wilwood’s take care of scrubbing speed and HRE wheels make this drift car have a bit of style with ease. Inside, it’s carbon fiber everywhere with a cockpit made for drifting. And that body kit? Top Secret (it’s literally called Top Secret.)

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Sergey’s skill is pretty self-evident. We think his Top Secret Supra would be at home in any drift series from the United States to Japan.