Ken Block: Gymkhana 8 Right Here

Photo Credit: The Hoonigans. Screenshot Via YouTube
Photo Credit: The Hoonigans. Screenshot Via YouTube /

We’ve got Ken Block’s Gymkhana 8 video right here.

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Tonight, Ken Block reveals his 650 horsepower, all-wheel-drive, Ford Fiesta for Gymkhana 8. All that power is coming from a turbocharged four-cylinder. Last year hearkened back to a customized ’67 Mustang with 845 horsepower coming out of a screaming V8, but now, we return to our GRC roots. In fact, earlier video was found showing exactly what the Fiesta would look like in preparation for Gymkhana 8.

Today has been all about supercars, from the reveal of the Bugatti Chiron to the reveal of the latest hypercar from Koenigsegg, the Regera.  Massive horsepower is absolutely outstanding, but what we all want to see is that power laid out on the tarmac and what the car can do with it.  Even with all wheel drive, the Toyo R1 tires, just won’t survive.

Ken Block is more than qualified.  He has been racing in the Global Rallycross series and has also participated in the World Rally Championship.  However, unlike timed events like the WRC, the Gymkhana series clearly shows him in his element.

Here, with closed roads, stunts, and moving props, his driving is an expression of outright freedom, along with the abilities of what an insanely modified Fiesta or Mustang can do on these roads.  Personally, I’m the biggest fan of the San Francisco setting.  The hills, jumps, and curved roads made for plenty of obstacles for proper hooning.

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We love the jumps, the spins, the drifts, and flat out acceleration of the Fiesta.  We only wish we could have one, street legal, of our own.