Geneva: Lamborghini Centenario Revealed With 770HP!

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While Lamborgini has stuck to their traditional design, the latest design with the Centenario reveals a far more edgy, aggressive look.  Slats, intakes, rear diffusers, underbody aerodynamics, and massive front intakes all lead to better functional aerodynamics at speed.  We love that they have chosen to stick with a V12, especially in a world of turbocharged powerplants like the Bugatti Chiron.  Hybrid powerplants create massive power as well, as Koenigsegg revealed with the latest Regera.  But, like the Porsche 911R, linear throttle response is most easily achieved through a natural aspirated engine.  Also, like the 911R, rear-wheel-steering was added on to create a better sense of agility.

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The carbon fiber monocoque chassis and bodywork helped reduce the weight of the Lamborghini tremendously, especially considering it’s carrying a V12 with an all-wheel-drive system.  With additional aerodynamic body work, the body uses the air far more purposefully and the appearance of the car isn’t just straight from the eye of design, but complete functionality as well.

Unfortunately, all of the Centenarios have already been sold out.  With prices knocking on the door of $1.9 million Euros, it’s easy to see why only forty vehicles were made altogether.

Lamborghini made a wild bull, and with the latest aerodynamic package and rear wheel steering, this wild bull is ready to dance.