Singer Design: Revel In The Beauty Of Their Newest Porsche 911s

Photo Credit: Singer Porsche
Photo Credit: Singer Porsche /

Singer Design just dropped two new Porsche 911s to be displayed at Concours events in the East Coast. 

If you don’t know the name Singer Design, you’ve probably seen one of their commissions in a magazine or elsewhere online. Singer takes vintage Porsches and throws copious amounts of time and craftsmanship, turning them into rolling works of art. Singer Porsche has just dropped two of its latest commissions meant for East Coast clients and they’ve been given the green light to parade them at two Florida Concours events.

Dubbed The North Carolina Car and The Florida Car, both will be making an appearance at the Amelia Isnad Concours d Elegance and the Palm Event following afterward. Feast your eyes first on the Blood-Dark Red North Carolina Car then the Hemingway Blue Florida Car below.

2016.3.9 Porsche Singer (6)
2016.3.9 Porsche Singer (6) /
2016.3.9 Porsche Singer (5)
2016.3.9 Porsche Singer (5) /
2016.3.9 Porsche Singer (1)
2016.3.9 Porsche Singer (1) /

The North Carolina Car is a 1991 Porsche 911 dipped in Blood Dark Red paint. Outside, Carbon Fiber body panels replace a few of the larger pieces to lower weight and lighten things up a bit. Inside  you’ll find a black leather weave bound on 4-way bespoke touring seats. The 3.8L Singer derived Cosworth has been further punched out to 4.0L and been tuned for peak power.

2016.3.9 Porsche Singer (2)
2016.3.9 Porsche Singer (2) /
2016.3.9 Porsche Singer (4)
2016.3.9 Porsche Singer (4) /
Photo Credit: Singer Porsche
Photo Credit: Singer Porsche /

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The Florida Car is a 1990 Porsche 911 painted in Hemingway Blue. Carbon Fiber panels also adorn the exterior. Inside, keen eyes take in a Sand Beige design incorporated into the Suede Leather Weave over bespoke track seats. Like the North Carolina car, the original engine has been replaced with a 993 engine blown out to 4.0L with enough power befitting a car of such build quality.

While the initial specs list and details to each car are light, the devil is in the details and each car has been painstakingly restored to absolute perfection. In all likelihood, each owner has spent well over $350,000 with ten months of work put in by Singer to get these Porsche 911’s to where they are today.

First, there’s the engine. Singer rips out the old engine and stuffs in a modern day 993 engine raising displacement from 3.6L to a whopping 4.0L from its Cosworth derived 3.8L. If any of their previous builds are an indication where they got engine work done, the name Ed Pink from Ed Pink Racing in Hollywood,CA is probably where these engines were given new life. Power hovers around 425 HP and 315 lb-ft of torque.

Outside, every body panel has been swapped with a carbon-fiber version except for the doors.

The interior speaks for itself. No expense and craftsmanship has been spared to make a unique creation for each of its owners.

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So far Singer Porsche has only made 40 cars since its inception in 2009. Their waiting list is long and distinguished and even coming across one is a treat. If you happen to find one in the wild, drink it in. Then take as many selfies with  this bonafide rockstar of a car as you want.