Ohio State Highway Patrolman Heroically Stops Wrong Way Driver

Photo Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol
Photo Credit: Ohio State Highway Patrol /

Footage recently surfaced of a Highway Patrolman stopping a drunk wrong-way driver. 

If you’re a highway patrolman although you don’t want to take drastic measures to correct dangerous drivers, oftentimes that’s what the job calls for. According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol on one of their latest updates earlier last week on Facebook, footage has emerged of a patrolman who answered that call earlier in the year. On January 17, Sergeant David Garber stopped a drunk wrong-way driver from plowing into innocent cars, putting his own life in danger. Check out the epic video below courtesy of WFMJ in Youngstown, Ohio below.

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In the video, you can see the Ohio Highway Patrolman driving on the wrong side of the freeway. We’re assuming he received a call about a car driving head on into traffic. Anyone who’s seen a car driving in the wrong direction knows the terror that immediately enters into one’s head as the unpredictability of the errant driver increases the likelihood of a head-on collision.

Utilizing a technique called a pit-maneuver and usually reserved for car with a RWD drivetrain, the officer bumps the Chevrolet Cobalt and forces it to spin 180 degrees. With police cars rushing in the other direction and the Cobalt with nowhere to go, the driver pulls to the side of the freeway ending his foray into drunken driving.

According to the report, the driver had a Blood Alcohol Content three times the legal limit. The video was released as a reminder of the dangers of impaired driving.

With summer approaching, weather finally getting into a comfortable range, and school drawing to a close, it’s time for hangouts, BBQ’s and car meets around the nation. That often means bringing a six-pack or your choice of beverage to enjoy throughout the day.

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Buzzed driving is drunk driving and even though you might have to get your car home by any means possible, that means better be a quick nap to get sober or having a friend drive home for you.  Although you say to yourself you’ll never be “That guy” who drives on the wrong side of the freeway, a bit of alcohol can turn that all around for even the best drivers.