This 1985 VW Golf Classified Gets Our Vote For Craigslist Ad Of The Year

Photo Credit: Craigslist
Photo Credit: Craigslist /

This 1985 VW Golf Ad shows how econoboxes oftentimes have the best Craigslist Ads.

We’re pretty sure whoever wrote up this masterpiece of a classified’s ad is a bonafide copywriter. According to a Craigslist Ad in Boulder, Colorado showcasing this “pristine” 1985 Volkswagen Golf Hatchback, this jalopy of a car can be yours for just $300. While the merits of the car nor the pictures probably won’t draw you in, the words just might. We’ve taken the liberty of snagging a screenshot of this Shakespeare of the secondhand and linking it here. Also, enjoy a scroll through the uploaded photos below.

"Pristine 1985 Volkswagen Golf for Sale-$.."

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First of all, let’s go through the tail of the tape. This is a 1985 Volkswagen Golf, so that puts it at 31-years old. As it’s suffered decades in the moist and damp air of Colorado, it has plenty of rust spots to make even a Miami-based car look like a museum piece. With 208,200 miles on the clock and such choice engine mods as a manual fuel pump, idle adjustment every time you start and a dead battery, it’s a real beater if there ever was a definition of one. But what would makes someone want to spend $300 on a car that’s most likely to give you headaches? The devil is in the details.

The real winner of a paragraph comes here.

"Customizations include: aftermarket grille (from a Tacoma), fog lights (for when the headlights flicker), cleanly installed CB radio (antenna mount), labeled keys and buttons, alloy rims (one of which is bent pretty good), a sweet rocker switch for the fuel pump, idle speed adjustment knob, 6 disc CD changer (to be tested/installed), quick release latch for the hood (old wheel weight), and many jumper wires in the fuse box. It has the lightened rear hatch (no shocks) and has a perfectly crafted broomstick to hold the lid open while loading/unloading your favorite German keg (the old man only mentioned two serious injuries from this set up)."

The ol’ girl’s got plenty of character, that’s for sure. You’re not so much buying a car as you are buying a beater with great personality. This is the car that you tell all your friends about at the car meet because it has such a great story attached to it. Although you won’t acknowledge the existence of such an epic ad, you get to crib some notes off of one of the best Craigslist ads this year.

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You’re not buying a car as much as you’re buying the story. We’re not surprised if this car for the people isn’t already sold.