Watch The Terrifying Moment A Longboarder Slams Into A Hyundai

Photo Credit: Viral Hog
Photo Credit: Viral Hog /

A longboarder in Russia found out the hard way that long paved hills are meant for cars first and foremost. 

Why are we not surprised that this video comes to us from mother Russia? According to our good friends over at Viral Hog on Monday, footage was submitted from Stavropol, Russia showing the terrifying moment that a longboarder makes contact with Hyundai traveling uphill. Check out the footage below and let us know what you think about this collision from Russia in the comments below.

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You’ll be glad to know that this longboarder escaped with a few cuts and bruises as well as a concussion to the head. It looks like he’ll survive to skate another day. In the video, you can see the longboarder bombing down that hill at tremendous speeds. While some longboarders can hit 80 MPH if the hill is steep and long enough, it looks like this downhill specialist is cracking 40 MPH and on some parts is hitting 50 MPH.

Careening down a right-hand blind corner, he does his best to apex the curve as best he can and is intensely in the moment. Unfortunately, he fails to see the Hyundai traveling uphill. Taking evasive maneuvers, it’s too little too late and both epically collide.

You can see the extent of the forces involved from the deformations on the hood of the Hyundai. This collision does shed some light on safety standards and how important they are for pedestrian safety. If that longboarder had slammed into a car say from the 1960’s with its bulging steel body panels, most of the energy from the longboarder would’ve returned right into his body, causing serious injury.

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Although it’s cringeworthy to see so much damage on the Hyundai, the energy that would’ve gone into the longboarder has been transferred into the Hyundai and translates into broken body panels and a cracked front bumper. We imagine that this longboarder has learned his lesson and will better scout out a location with a couple of buddies keeping traffic at bay next time around.