2016 Idlers Games Round 2: Ride Along For A Full Sprint Race

Photo Credit: YouTube user SpokonP
Photo Credit: YouTube user SpokonP /

Ride along in a POV look at what a full sprint race looks like for the 2016 Idlers Games. 

If you’ve never heard of the Idlers Games, don’t worry as it’s a Japanese grassroots race series that’s gained popularity only in recent years. The races have gained popularity in the United States for featuring a gaggle of Porsche RWB builds. Thanks to a recent upload from one of the participants at Round 2 from Tsukuba last weekend, we’re able to catch a glimpse at what it means to run in this unique grassroots series at its finest.

Have a look at the video we’ve provided below and revel in the goodness that is weekend racing JDM style. And for this particular POV ,according to this entry list, you’re riding along in an R34 GTR thanks to a tip from 7Tune.

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For Idlers Games, drivers are divided up into running groups based on their skill level and what type of driving skill they have. Contrary to popular belief, this race series is actually very low-key. One of the main priorities they have for running is that first and foremost you’re having fun. There’s no hostility or high amounts of pressure like you’ll find in say the Miata Cup here in SCCA North America.

That being said, that doesn’t mean each race doesn’t have a shortage of intense competition. Far from it, these guys are driving at 10/10ths most of the time and have something to prove. RWB Porsches for example, have the reputation for being garage queens only with no real racing pedigree underneath their belts. This Idlers Games definitely shoves that misconception under the table.

Most manufacturers and race teams that bring racecars to Tsukuba cite running under 60 seconds to be a sign of a well-balanced car. Tsukuba is only 1.4 miles long and has plenty of tight corners so having a balanced car with plenty of power is a must. These Idlers cars were running in the 57-second range according to 7-Tune, which is amazing.

For sprint races, there’s usually a 25-minute qualifying run followed by a 12-lap race.

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Keen eyes will notice the Purple RWB up front in the video. Owned and raced by the CEO and founder of RWB, it’s equally cool that he races as much as he fabricates. SpeedHunters did an excellent write-up on his car you can read here.