Watch This Hooligan In A Jeep Demolish A Trump Sign And Get Caught

Photo Credit: Julian Schlesser via snapshot
Photo Credit: Julian Schlesser via snapshot /

A North Carolina man filmed himself running over a Donald Trump sign and got caught. 

Donald Trump is certainly one of the more interesting presidential candidates to grace our nation’s primaries to say the least. With an inordinate amount of supporters, Trump also has an equally as large if not larger amount of detractors. This Jeep Wrangler owner (in the later camp) by the name of Julien Schuessler in Wilmington, North Carolina decided to channel his feelings towards Donald Trump in a tangible way by taking his 4×4 and running over a Donald Trump sign.

Not only did he absolutely demolish a piece of campaign material, he filmed himself knocking out the “Make America Great Sign” as well. As this is 21st century America, Julien promptly shared his video on social media. The video went viral and the police weren’t happy with that to say the least.

Since that video was published it has been viewed over 4 million times on Facebook. The few people that commented on the original video called Julien a hero and “literally my favorite person ever.” After it was also shared more than 101,000 times, it also caught the attention of local police who promptly launched an investigation.

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Looks like Julian fessed up to his crimes and was promptly charged. Although freedom of speech is guaranteed by our nation’s constitution, the way we carry out that freedom of speech can’t be done in disregard to normal rules of the road. That means people can’t destroy signs by hopping city curbs in wonton disregard for the normal flow of traffic and the safety of other motorists.

Julian could’ve easily parked his jeep, hopped outsid,e and flipped the sign off while he filmed himself. That would’ve easily got the point across without destroying property or disobeying the rules of the road. Alternatively, he could’ve planted a couple of Clinton/Sanders  signs around the Trump sign. And if he wanted, he could’ve shared the original video anonymously.

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While you might feel high and mighty in a Jeep, it’s best to keep the hooning and antics off the road and on some trails. And if you’re going to film yourself defacing property in said Jeep, it would behoove you to remain anonymous in the process.