Drift Fail: Honda Accord Doing Donuts Slams Into Parked Car And Flees

Photo Credit: MaxxxyBoy via Instagram
Photo Credit: MaxxxyBoy via Instagram /

This Honda Accord thought it was a good idea to pull off some reverse donuts at a local car meet. 

Go to local car meets around your area long enough and sooner or later someone is going to pull off some heinous car shenanigans that usually end up with the police being called or everyone running for cover. This FWD drifting Honda Accord definitely ranks up there with them. According to StreetInfluenced off of Facebook earlier this weekend, one Honda Accord thought it was a good idea to start pulling off some reverse donuts in one of the most cringe-worthy pieces of hooning known to man.

To add insult to injury, not knowing which way he was pointed turned out to be a crucial mistake for the Honda Accord driver as he slammed into a parked car only meters away from his swing-fest. Thankfully smart phones were whipped out to catch the egregious act. Check out the cringeworthy videos below. In case the IG owner decides to take those videos down, thankfully someone also uploaded the footage to YouTube seen here.

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The first Instagram video shows an Acura RSX being the first car to start off the FWD hoonage. Inspired to do the same, the Honda Accord driver attempts to pull off a similar stunt.

Being front wheel drive means that you can only pull off traditional donuts by either employing some cafeteria trays or pulling off those donuts on a really loose surface like dirt or a wet parking lot. This parking lot with neither of those conditions nor did these Honda owners have cafeteria trays. Instead, they employed their rear wheels as the pivot point and “Swung” the cars around the non-driving wheels.

Unfortunately if you do this, unlike normal donuts where you can see where you’re going, it’s almost impossible to see when you’re at the end of the pivot point. The inevitable happened and the driver slammed into a parked Infiniti G35.

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And in this final video of the incident we see the Honda Accord owner running away in an apparent hit and run. According to our latest sources, police are still trying to find this hoonigan. But it’s only a matter of time till they catch him as his license plate and identity are now all over the internet. We’ll keep you updated on this story if there are any new developments.