Ferrari F40 Snow Hoon: Red Bull Japan Ready To Drop Epic Vid

Photo Credit: Red Bull Japan
Photo Credit: Red Bull Japan /

Red Bull Japan ready to release epic video showcasing the day in the life of a Ferrari F40 owner and his snow shenanigans. 

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If you’re somewhat of a Ferrari F40 fan, you’re already aware of one particular F40 in Japan and its owner whose gained notoriety for doing crazy and unconventional stunts on the daily with his rare exotic. Two years ago, word got around that he took his F40 on a real deal camping adventure out in the cuts of Japan’s forests.

It looks like Red Bull Japan finally caught wind of his shenanigans and has enlisted the help of ace video producer Luke Huxham and his motley production crew to come up with a video showcasing a “Day in the life” of this eccentric Ferrari owner. Check out the official trailer video below and let us know what you think about this awesome piece of Italian engineering hooning it up.

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In the very short preview video we can see that the owner has outfitted his Ferrari F40 with all the necessary accessories to turn his exotic into a bonafide snow stallion. On the rear wheels are a set of snow chains to make quick work of whatever loose white terrain they might’ve come across. A set of PIAA yellow fogs up front cuts through any sort of dark conditions on his way to the slopes. And a roof rack with all the necessary supplies needed for a week long excursion exponentially increases the Ferrari F40’s paltry storage situation.

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The video drops two days from now and the internet is chomping at the bit to see just how epic a video this will turn out to be. Stay tuned as we’ll give you the lowdown on the full video when it’s finally released less than 48-hours from the time you’ll probably read this.