This Might Be The Chillest Passenger In A Nurburgring Crash

Photo Credit: Top Nurburgring Videos via YouTube
Photo Credit: Top Nurburgring Videos via YouTube /

A Ford Fiesta Driver and his mate wrecked on the Nurburgring and his friend was super chill about the entire situation. 

If your friend wrecks his car while you’re riding shotgun you’d expect yourself to be either in shock or in complete disbelief at your friend for pulling off such a piece of amateur hour driving. This passenger was none of those things. According to our motoring friends over at Top Nurburgring Videos on YouTube, in-camera footage was submitted of an Ford Fiesta losing traction on a downhill sweeper at the Nurburgring and completely destroying one side of his daily driver turned racecar.

Instead of being a complete jerk about the entire situation, his mate turns out to be one of the calmest people we’ve ever seen involved in a wreck at the ‘Ring. Check out the video below and let us know what you thnk about his awesome friend in the comments below.

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This time of year, rain sprinkles the race track at the ‘Ring and leaves very little traction for whatever you may be driving. As such, drivers must be at the top of their game if they want to survive an outing on the green hell.

Spectators of this race track and locals know that cars will eventually spin out and bite the dust on certain parts of the race track and have set up chairs at key locations. To add insult to injury, the Ford Fiesta driver and his passenger emerge from the “wreck” to whoops and hollers from adoring spectators who lined the race track.

Throughout the entire ordeal of getting off the track after wrecking, his mate is one of the chillest co-pilots ever offering kind words of comfort and being totally zen about the entire situation.

There are always risks involved in race car driving. And if you’ve survived a crash and escaped uninjured and with your life intact, that’s a good day in anyone’s book.

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Passengers should take note of the demeanor of this fellow. The last thing a driver wants to hear when he or she’s wrecked is a lecture and a barrage of expletives from their friends. Instead, calm words of support and reassurance can make a rotten situation just a tad bit better.