Watch This Nissan S13 Drift Missle Jump A K-Rail During An Easter Drift Event

Photo Credit: @SkillyDilly via Twitter
Photo Credit: @SkillyDilly via Twitter /

During an Easter Drift event, this Nissan S13 drift missile jumped a k-rail. 

With Spring break in full effect and literally hundreds of pro-am drifters and beginner sliders enjoying the last few days before returning to school or work, that usually calls for chill drift events to cap off the weekend. According to Formula Drift driver Corey Hosford, things got a little dicey during the Second Annual Easter drift held at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, Arizona.

While serving as a guest judge during their “wall ride” competition (where drift cars come as close to touching the wall as possible) one drift car understeered into a k-rail and jumped the barrier narrowly entering the judging booth were everyone else was spectating. Check out the video for yourself below and let us know what you think about this harrowing moment in the comments below.

According to Corey,

"Last night I had the pleasure of hosting the @gofastent Easter drift event announcing with @thecanadiantuxedo. We were judging a “wall ride” contest and@keithcalcagnie wanted to take wall riding to the next level! I wanted to make sure I didn’t look away so I would be able to judge him fairly!"

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Pro-Am drifter Keith Calcagnie brought out his Sileighty drift missile to test the limits of his skill and to generally show off what he’s got in front of professional drifters. Unfortunately, it looks like something was amiss in his steering and his 240SX lost all control as he neared the wall he was supposed to be aiming for.

Luckily for Keith, his drift car was equipped with a proper roll cage as well as the requisite safety gear necessary before heading out onto the track.

Also, keen eyes will notice the way his crash happened on the k-rail. Designed to minimize damage to a car while keeping spectators and cars on the other side of the barrier out of harm’s way, the k-rail performed as designed. By lifting his drift car and aiming all that potential energy back to its original direction of travel, a possible crisis was averted.

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Thankfully for this drifter and his car, only cosmetic and functional damages were incurred. If not for the event’s strict safety policies and the quick thinking of the driver, things could’ve turned out very different.