Tesla Model 3: More Details, More Range, And Quick?

Photo Credit: Tesla Motors
Photo Credit: Tesla Motors /

The website Electrek has stated more details about the Tesla Model 3 through reliable sources.

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Let’s hope those sources are really reliable.  According to this

article from Electrek

, through other reliable sources, the Tesla Model 3 will give an appearance that may remind some of the BMW i3.  It is said to be taller, shorter, and narrower than the Model S.  That would seem to imply a shape that is similar to a hatchback, somewhat similar to a Honda Fit or Andi A3.  Personally, I’m excited.  Some people can’t wait.

I think think nearly conforms to the 80% size rule that was predicted years ago.

The biggest news really, is about the performance.

"One of the standout specs Tesla will tout is that it will be able to travel from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. We weren’t told if this is for the base model or a more premium edition with bigger battery and AWD."

If that’s the case, that would be amazing news.  Admittedly, my expectations were far lower, and will continue to remain low.  As stated, the source wasn’t told if it was for a base model or a more premium edition with a larger battery and all-wheel-drive.  Imagine if it was for the premium edition.  If the base model still has a 0-60 two seconds slower and a range well over 200 miles, not only can it compete against entry-level luxury cars such as the Lexus IS-series, BMW 3-series, Audi A4, and Mercedes C-class in terms of price, it can also compete in terms of performance and accelerations.

That news would be outstanding.

The article from Electrek also points out that the price of the vehicle can raise significantly into the $50-$60k price range.  At that price, it would be expected to have the larger capacity battery, all-wheel-drive, and autonomous driving features.  More importantly, the range is expected to be a 300 miles at freeway speeds.

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More cars: Tesla Model 3 Reveal Date Feels Like Christmas

No wonder why people are already waiting in line.  We have already said that waiting for this car feels like Christmas.

Admittedly, even I’m growing with anticipation, more so than I would for other cars.  This doesn’t feel like a typical auto show reveal.  The highlight is the car, not just the show.  Maybe this will make me change my mind about my current ideas of automotive purchase.

These details, make the Christmas of March 31st, feel extra special.