$100 Honda HT3 Driving Shoes Are 2016 Civic Inspired

Photo Credit: Civic X
Photo Credit: Civic X /

Honda has teamed up with Jacks Treads and Thrillist to bring you a unique 2016 Honda Civic Inspired shoe. 

What do you get for the new 10th Gen Honda Civic owner in your life that literally has everything? According to Jacks Threads, you buy them these sweet Honda HT3’s. Yesterday a few lucky journalists got to attend a private event featuring this HT3 limited edition driving sneaker.

For those that attended, the event was filled with plenty of fancy food, design drawings of the sneakers on the wall as well as a 2016 Honda Civic parked out front. We’ve included a couple of social media posts from the event below as well as exclusive photos of the shoes in question.

Photo Credit: Jack's Threads
Photo Credit: Jack’s Threads /
Photo Credit: Jack's Threads
Photo Credit: Jack’s Threads /
Photo Credit: Jack's Threads
Photo Credit: Jack’s Threads /

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According to the official press release, not only is the design of the shoe easy on the eyes to reflect the forward thinking design language of the 2016 Honda Civic, it’s also quite comfortable to wear as far as driving shoes go.

"Inspired by the clean lines of the Honda Civic and echoed in the logo tucked under the velcro flap, the shoe features premium materials, superb comfort, a seamless silhouette."

In all honesty, this shoe does look quite comfortable to drive in and would go perfect with a long road trip or just a casual drive to the coast.

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Honda is trying its best to appeal to the more established millennial demographic with this collaboration. The shoe itself isn’t all the expensive but does signal a couple of key qualities they want people to associate with their new Civic: premium materials, a comfortable fit and stylish looks. It’s no secret that Honda benchmarked the Audi A3.

We like these shoes and would definitely pick a pair up for ourselves. Without any obvious logos you feel part of the club without looking like a complete fanboy. And those in the know will definitely know what’s up when you stroll by.