Ladies Who Vandalized Mazda Miata Rewarded With Track Day

Photo Credit: Sam Barnett
Photo Credit: Sam Barnett /

Two ladies who infamously vandalized a Mazda Miata and posted it on social media were taken around a track to learn some respect. But did they? 

Earlier in March, the entire Internet was involved in a firestorm called Miata-gate. Jalopnik did a great recap of the entire incident found here. Basically, two women who lived in an apartment complex somewhere in Los Angeles climbed into a random Mazda Miata and took an Instagram selfie with the caption, “Let this be a lesson to all Mazda Miata owners – if you are dumb enough to buy this hideous car, we are dumb enough to jump through the top and dance on your seats. ‪#‎zoomzoom‬.”

After surviving the social media onslaught of hate and vitriol from both the greater automotive community and average people who saw the story, they’ve both since apologized for the incident. In addition, they reiterated that nothing was vandalized in the Miata and care was taken not to cause any damage in the process. We’ve uploaded those social media posts below.

Photo Credit: Itsaligreen via Instagram
Photo Credit: Itsaligreen via Instagram /
Photo Credit: Kathleen Green via Facebook
Photo Credit: Kathleen Green via Facebook /

Although both admit that no disrespect was intended, their actions did hint of a whiff of arrogance and disregard for others property. To “teach” these ladies a lesson, pro-Mazda drivers Sam Barnett and Drake Kemper took both these “Beverly Hills Beauties” on a track ride along both would never forget. Check out that video as well below.

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As you’d imagine, both ladies were thrown around like ragdolls as Sam and Drake squeezed every ounce of g-force from the bonafide race cars. And the video is filled with plenty of “OMG” moments from both ladies as proof.

Towards the end of the video they do admit that, “after the near death experience yes (we have more respect) we do. We’re sorry and get me a bucket (whatever that means.)”

The only way to teach respect is to show respect and it looks like these pro-drivers did the standup thing of educating these two women on why Miatas are so popular as enthusiast cars. Whether or not those ladies actually learned respect is another question.

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Since this incident went viral, the offending Instagram account has been made private and we’re sure many people in the Miata community know her face as enemy #1.

As for this writer, we think they’ve both learned a valuable lesson to at least not share your shenanigans on social media publicly. And if anything, act like people are always watching.For everyone else out there, if you want a track day in a Miata for all the right reasons, here’s one way not to go about it.