This Dashboard Cat Is A Purr-Fect Traveling Companion

Photo Credit: @Kelsseyyy via Instagram
Photo Credit: @Kelsseyyy via Instagram /

 Instagram video shows owners cat chilling on the dashboard enjoying the passing scenery. 

This story borders on not being car related whatsoever but it’s that classic case of coming across something too adorable not to share. According to one Instagram user who goes by the name of @Kelsseyyy not only does her cat love to accompany her on long drives but her cat lays on her dashboard in one of the most adorable ways possible.

Lying in a stretched position watching the passing sky as it zooms past her cat eyes at freeway speeds, Rory (yes, that’s his name) acts as both a welcome distraction and traveling companion to this millennial driver. Check out the Instagram video below and let us know what you think about this adorable traveling animal in the comments below.

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Since the video has gone viral over social media, a few people have already pointed out how dangerous it is to have an animal traveling at freeway speeds on your dashboard. Anyone who’s taken an elementary physics class knows the energies that exist in free floating body not tied down by a seatbelt or safety device in a collision. With nothing tying down that adorable cat, a front or rear end collision would send that poor cat either into the windshield or directly into the driver.

Nevertheless, most people commenting are focused on just how cute the cat is, which is the way things work on the internet. So for now, we’re going to assume that @Kelsseyyy has catlike reflexes (pun intended) and can avoid any and all obstacles in her path of travel.

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We hope @Kelsseyyy takes heed to those numerous warnings and stops letting her precious cat enjoy her existential dashboard trip at the expense of her safety. As for the video…just look at it!