Man Places His Bare Butt On A Bugatti Veyron SS

Photo Credit: AutoGESpot via Facebook
Photo Credit: AutoGESpot via Facebook /

Some miscreant placed his butt on a Bugatti Veyron and got his friend to photograph him doing it. 

There really is no polite way to say it but vandalism of the worst kind happened to this guy’s Bugatti Veyron SS. According to our motoring friends over at Autogespot on Facebook, some idiot decided it was totally cool to place his bare buttocks on the rear haunches of a Bugatti Veyron SS.

To add insult to injury, not only did he photograph himself in the borderline Rated-R photo, but he took a shot of the imprint he left behind (no pun intended as well.) Check out the incriminating photos below. And if you’ve got a weak stomach, we recommend not scrolling down at all.

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Earlier in the week, we wrote about two women who climbed into the back of a stranger’s Mazda Miata and got caught after the fact. We’ve linked that piece below. With the rise and popularity of social media, being a sort of internet “bad boy” or “baddie” has become easier than ever before. In clear disregard for the respect of someone’s property, it’s become all too common for these types of shenanigans to take place. A few well-placed hashtags and suddenly everyone knows about your devious acts.

That makes it all the more easier for someone to “punish” and put to shame those who have worked hard for what they’ve earned.

And if these photos are to be believed, although the camera makes out the trim to be red it’s actually orange. If so, this is one of five Veyron SS World Record Edition models. Veyron SS’s cost around $1.7 million brand new so this one must’ve cost considerably more given its rarity.

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It’s never cool to disrespect and deface someone else’s property no matter how much that item may cost. Sadly, the only way to bring justice to these miscreants is to identify them and shame them as scapegoats of what not to do.