Watch The Coolest Grandma Ever Slam Gears In A Ford Focus ST

Photo Credit: Clutch Culture TV via YouTube screenshot
Photo Credit: Clutch Culture TV via YouTube screenshot /

YouTuber Anthony Losurdo finally let his grandmother take his Ford Focus ST out for a spin. 

The Ford Focus ST is one serious piece of machinery. With 252 HP and 270 lb-ft on tap, it’s one quick hatch. And for the longest time YouTuber Anthony Losurdo’s dear grandmother has been pestering him to get behind the wheel of his 6-speed Focus ST to bang some gears.

Well according to one of his latest video’s he dropped earlier this month it looks like his grandmother finally got the opportunity to drop the hammer on this European hot hatch transplanted to American roads. Check out the full video below and let us know if you’d let your grandparents drive your pride and joy in the comments below?

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According to his grandmother, this isn’t her first rodeo with rowing gears. She did mention she owned a Fiat 124 back in the day and we can only speculate as to how hard those were to shift back then. With modern manuals having better synchronizers, more progressive clutches, and trick flywheels, cars with manuals today are easier to drive than ever before. And the fact that Anthony’s grandma was able to pick off where she left off years ago (35 years to be exact) stands testament to that fact.

For those who watched towards the later end of the video, you’re in for a treat when his lovely grandma finally goes full wide open throttle. Keen eyes will notice the slightest grin on her face from someone who only minutes before said she “drives only like a lady.”

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Cars are a great way to connect with other generations as the universal need to travel and the means to do so has fundamentally not changed in over a century (i.e. driving a car.) So the next time you have family over and there’s a lull between eating and leaving, maybe one of your older family members you never really connected with would like to take a spin in your ride? You might learn a thing or two in the process.