Road Rage Goes Too Far, Motorcyclist Escapes

Photo Credit: Screenshot Via YouTube
Photo Credit: Screenshot Via YouTube /

Driver behavior just isn’t what it used to be.

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The roads nowadays are getting more congested.  Small things can aggravate the best of drivers.  I would know, I am one.  If I have a pet peeve, it’s a person that is in the front of the lane at a stop, preoccupied with something else.  The light turns green.  There are eight cars behind me.  One, one-thousand.  Two, one-thousand.  Three-one thousand.  In my head, this moving three cars.  But in reality, the driver doesn’t “wake up”, gets honked out, and only two cars make the green light.

Riding motorcycles is even more dangerous.  Simply put, there’s just far less protection for riders.  Sometimes drivers can think of their personal car as a large protective shell.  Sometimes, drivers go too far.

The rider, Roni g, left a statement on the YouTube channel.

"Please understand everyone, that I’m not an experienced rider, I will admit when I am wrong. all of this stuff wasn’t on purpose but an attempt to get away, I didn’t chose to get on to on coming traffic, he blocked my path on both lanes, I didn’t want to harm myself or other people, which is exactly what happened, no one got hurt, everyone, even the guy goes home. a police report is the most I will do. no one got hurt everyone goes home. that’s the end goal. if I was more experienced then yes it could have been differently. but I was in fear of my life, and panicking."

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In any case, both the rider and driver drove dangerously.  What is lost here, is, not only did the rider and driver put each other in danger, but they also placed other lives on the road in danger as well.  Imagine riding onto oncoming traffic with a recently licensed driver.  Imagine pedestrians on city roads while the driver in the Ford Fusion is making outrageous turns.No good comes out of this.  We just hope that everyone alive and safe.

We do not condone this type of behavior.  If you want to get the best out of your vehicles, take them to the race track.