Did The Motorcyclist, Roni g, Instigate Road Rage?

Photo Credit: Screenshot Via YouTube
Photo Credit: Screenshot Via YouTube /

A video was released of how the chase between a Ford Fusion and a motorcyclist got started.

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Road rage can start over the smallest of actions.  I practiced my share of breathing techniques driving in traffic for three hours earlier this morning.  Everything happened.  I got cut off.  I had slow drivers in front of me.  I had drivers that didn’t pay attention.  I had a driver from my left, pass in front of me, just to complete a right hand turn.  Such is the way of life on the roads, especially in Southern California.  But, I am home safe.  Luckily, these guys made it home safe too.

After watching the video, in my opinion, the motorcyclist didn’t do anything to instigate the reaction.  I don’t think he reacted properly afterward, and he admitted as so.  The motorcyclist, Roni g, did what all motorcyclists do.  He moved up to the front of the line at the light.  Now, I don’t know what the rules are about lane-splitting between the states, but this is a common behavior with other motorcyclists on the road in California.

What the Ford Fusion driver did as a reaction, was unforgivable.  It’s not worth putting a person’s life in danger over getting in front of a line.  The fact that the Ford Fusion kept speeding as the motorcyclist tried to get away, in my opinion, shows some intent.

What really stands out is the 1:54 mark, where the Ford Fusion driver blocked two left lanes just to keep an eye on Roni g.

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It’s worrisome that the chase even lasted this long.

Frankly, I didn’t even bother to finish the rest of the video.  Sometimes it’s just tough to watch poor behavior.  Worse, it’s off-putting that this kind of behavior can come out at any given time.

Sometimes, we’re just trying to get to Point-B.  Let’s just try to get there as safely as possible.

We do not condone this kind of behavior or illegal activity on the roads.  Stay safe out there.