TMZ Bus Intervenes High Speed Chase In LA

Photo Credit: Screenshot Via Twitter, @anblanx
Photo Credit: Screenshot Via Twitter, @anblanx /

A TMZ driver decides to interfere with a high speed chase.

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High speed chases are dangerous.  Most citizens opt to get out of the way and let the police do their work.  Every once in awhile, someone tries to interrupt the chase and help out the police.  This chase, although serious, had a few funny moments.  Only in Los Angeles do you have a suspect that does few doughnuts in the middle of the street in a convertible Mustang, have a TMZ bus get in the way, and have the suspect throw a burger that the TMZ bus for slowing him down.

The events follow like a true Hollywood story.  Seriously, who wrote the script on this?

What is truly bizarre is how the police chase ended.

"The Los Angeles Times reported:About 3:30 p.m. the car came to a stop on a residential street in South L.A., where the driver calmly got out of the car and sat on the hood. A group of people appeared to be waiting for him and casually exchanged hugs and handshakes with police nowhere in sight.A few minutes later, sheriff’s deputies showed up and the two men surrendered without incident."

Fortunately, there’s was no further incident.  No one got harmed, thankfully.

Just a couple of days ago, a high speed chase involving a motorcyclist and a driver of a Ford Fusion took place in Florida.  Apparently, lane splitting in Florida is illegal, and the driver the Ford Fusion didn’t take too kindly of it.  A series of bad decisions, bad actions, and public endangerment situations ensued.

Click the video link below to see that chase.

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This has been an unusual week for bad drivers behaving badly.  The police chase began at the edge of L.A. County and lasted for a full 90 minutes, after a burglary was reported.  I’m happy to see the suspects get caught without furthering endangering the public.  As crazy as this chase was, it didn’t seem nearly as dangerous from the Roni g road rage incident.