Hennessey Performance Epically Calls Out Bugatti Yet Again

Photo Credit: Hennessey Performance
Photo Credit: Hennessey Performance /

Hennessey Performance called out Bugatti, daring them to take back their record. 

If you haven’t already heard, Hennessey Performance dropped an epic video and record in celebration of their 25th anniversary. Keen eyes noticed towards the end of the video the camera zooming in on a shot of a flag with the words “Come and take it,” an ode to one of Texas’s most iconic flags circa the 18th century.

The previous record was held by Bugatti’s Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse with an impressive open-top run of 254 MPH. Aiming to steal that record with a bit less weight and a lot more power, the Venom GT stole that record right from under their feet by running an even more impressive 265.6 MPH run. If anyone even has a vague understanding of aerodynamics at that speed, they’ll know that it took a monumental amount of skill and power to break that record with an open top at those speeds. We’ve posted both the record run and Instagram post highlighting this call out below. Let us know what you think about the world’s fastest roadster below and if Bugatti will respond in the comments?

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Hennessey Performance is based out of Sealy, Texas and their Texan pride shows in pretty much any build and record they attempt. With bonkers power, epic records and a “take no prisoners” attitude about the whole thing, they get the job done in epic American fashion.

Next to the soccer team, Arsenal, this may be the most famous flag featuring one single cannon. The origins of the phrase, “Come and take it” stretch back all the way to 1778 when an American contingent in Fort Morris near Georgia famously resisted a British takeover by a brash and clever bit of letter writing. When a note was received by Colonel Mcintosh of the American forces from the British asking them to surrender, Mcintosh simply replied to them to, “Come and take it.” The British backed off.

That same motto was used again during the Texas Revolution against Mexico when Mexican forces demanded they surrender their only cannon from the a town called Gonzales. They too successfully resisted enemy attack.

Now this latest use of that motto isn’t exactly a response to a threat on American soil but to these boys from Sealy,Texas, any speed record coming from abroad is definitely seen as some sort of attack on American pride.

This isn’t the first time Hennessey has “poked the bee-hive” on Instagram. Just a few weeks ago, they tagged Bugatti after dyno’ing their upgraded Venom GT. We’ve linked that article below.

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Whether or not Bugatti will ever respond, we can’t say. They probably won’t nor will they update their website to recognize the record. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. We know who really owns the record. You got it. The ones holding that infamous Texan flag.