Ford Has Received An Incredible Amount Of Orders For The GT

2017 Ford GT (Photo Ford Performance)
2017 Ford GT (Photo Ford Performance) /

After just one week, Ford is looking at 7,000 orders for the GT.

Ford recently opened up the extensive application process for the new Ford GT a week ago and has already received an incredible amount of orders for the supercar. With another three weeks to go, it looks like getting the Blue Oval’s latest supercar will be impossible.

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Photo Credit: Ford Performance /

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Just one week after launching the online order form for the GT, the automaker received approximately 7,000 orders for the supercar. With plans to only build 500 models during its initial two-year run, wealthy enthusiasts that meet all of Ford’s ridiculous requirements will still have a hard time getting their hands on the vehicle.  If you thought the Tesla Model S was popular, Ford didn’t expect this kind of demand either.  The Tesla Model S has over 400,000 orders, but it’s fair to guess they were ready up to 100,000 cars.  The Ford GT, has fourteen times the demand to supply.

To make matters worse, Ford will stop accepting orders for the GT on May 12, allowing more people to apply, when its panel of judges will have 90 days to decide who will be allowed to shell out $450,000 for the supercar.

While Ford released an online configurator for enthusiasts to build their perfect supercar, the tool was really made to give potential owners the ability to select their options when submitting an application on the vehicle. Of the 7,000 orders, the majority of GTs were finished in Liquid Blue with Matte Black as the second most popular color.

Photo Credit: Ford Motor Co.
Photo Credit: Ford Motor Co. /

While Ford will have a hard time picking out 500 lucky individuals, we already know that Bill Ford has an order in for the supercar, and since he’s the boss, there’s no way his application is getting rejected.

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For all of the enthusiasts out there that don’t have $450K sitting around to spend on a car, regardless of how awesome it is, head over to to build your ultimate supercar and let us know what it looks like.