Hearing 18 Ferrari FXX K Hypercars Sprint Around A Track Is Heavenly

Photo Credit: 19Bozzy92
Photo Credit: 19Bozzy92 /

With this many Ferrari FXX K hypercars on a track at the same time, this has to be the craziest track day event.

Ferrari has always done things a little differently than other automakers when it comes to its track-only vehicles. Instead of placing a radical body kit and some extra go-fast goodies onto an already powerful supercar, the Italian automaker takes it a step forward by adding a lot more power and things that make the cars only usable on the track.

Photo Credit: 19Bozzy92
Photo Credit: 19Bozzy92 /

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Take for instance, the prancing horse’s most recent track-only monster—the Ferrari FXX K. Ferrari took the already capable LaFerrari and aimed it up. How the automaker managed to make a hypercar that’s crazier than the LaFerrari is a mystery to us, because the snarling beast is already insane. With its 6.3-liter V12 and assistance from an electric motor, the LaFerrari puts out an unbelievable 950 hp and propels the car to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds.

Yeah, the LaFerrari is on another level when it comes to cars, but the FXX K is more in every way. The naturally-aspirated unit in the LaFerrari has been massaged to put out 86 hp more for a total of 1,036 ponies and while the track-only hypercar shares a lot of the same components from the road-going model, Ferrari classifies the FXX K as a standalone model.

This makes sense as the FXX K looks much more aggressive, sounds a lot more brutal and is even faster than the LaFerrari. Speaking of its brutal sound, one FXX K on the track is a treat, but 18 FXX Ks on track at the same time is like the earth ripping apart.

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YouTuber 19Bozz92 filmed 21 FXX Ks on the track, but on two separate events. During Ferrari’s XX Program, the YouTuber spotted 18 different hypercars on Mugello at the same time, which created quite the soundtrack.