Top Gear Lead Man Chris Evans Wants To Be Paid Less

Photo Credit: Top Gear
Photo Credit: Top Gear /

Top Gear host Chris Evans speaks out about his large paycheck.

In light of the government organization facing the proposition of revealing how much its stars get paid, Top Gear host Chris Evans had a straightforward message for the BBC: “Just pay us less.”

“It’s not exactly breaking news that people who do what I do for a living, compared to people in the real world, get paid too much money,” Evans told BBC News. “We’ve got jobs that people would kill for, we get to do things that people would pay to do if they could afford it. Sometimes those things aren’t even available to buy. Most of us work part-time anyway, so just pay us less. That’s what I would do. It’s not rocket science.”

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This news comes after Evans was reported to only work four hours a day. According to Yahoo! UK, Evans gets up at 4:45 AM during the week to get to the studio for this breakfast show at 6:30 AM. The show runs for three hours after which Evans heads to the Top Gear set at 10 AM. However, Evans’ radio show is so taxing, the star has to leave Top Gear’s studio at 2 PM to pick up his kids, because he’s “useless” and “fried.” For those keeping track, that’s 20 hours a week, which is even more questioning with his reported $4.27 million contract for three years of work.

Photo Credit: Top Gear
Photo Credit: Top Gear /

Evans made his “pay us less” remarks on camera as the British government gets ready to submit the White Papers to Parliament. According to Radio Times, the document will determine the BBC’s royal charter for the next ten years and could have an impact on how the organization is funded.

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The new season of Top Gear will make its debut on May 29 in the UK, while making its appearance in the US on the following day—Monday, May 30.

The show hasn’t even started yet and Evans has already caused a ruckus.