Ford Focus RS: Mishimoto Makes This Car Very Cool

Team Mishimoto R&D testing the new Focus RS (Photo Mishimoto)
Team Mishimoto R&D testing the new Focus RS (Photo Mishimoto) /

Want to make your Ford Focus RS cool? The Team at Mishimoto are hard at work developing a variety of aftermarket performance parts to help take your car to the next level. 

Take a deep breath in… now take a deep breath out… for most of us, unless you are actually concentrating on it, breathing is a natural involuntary process. You don’t have to consciously think about it. I do have to think about how my Ford Focus RS breathes, though!

In terms of performance, if you want to increase the amount of air going into your lungs, there are a number of different breathing exercises that can help enhance your body’s ability to absorb and make use of the air that is coming into the body. The same can be said about increasing your cars breathing performance.

One of the first mods car enthusiasts perform when looking to add HP, is installing components to increase the airflow to their vehicles engine. Most of us know slapping on an aftermarket cold air intake is a quick, inexpensive way to add a few HP to your vehicle’s performance.

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But when you start talking about forced induction engines, adding incremental upgrades to increase the airflow’s performance can produce substantial HP gains.  As I started doing some homework on exactly what performance upgrades I wanted to do to my Ford Focus RS, one company has really caught my eye in terms of increasing the RS airflow and cooling.

Mishimoto Engineering

That company is Mishimoto. Now keep in mind, there are plenty of reputable company’s offering aftermarket performance parts for the new RS, but I am mainly talking about airflow/cooling upgrades right now. As I am beefing up my knowledge in forced induction engines, I am also trying to build a sort of “roadmap” for the upgrades I want to do to this new EcoBoost engine.

Ford Focus RS
Team Mishimoto gets to work on the new EcoBoost Engine (Photo Mishimoto) /

I have spent quite a bit of time on the Mishimoto website, as well as talking with members of the  R&D team responsible for the development of the cooling products for the new Focus RS.  Team “Mishi” means business!

For starters, the company has gone out of their way to answer all of my questions (I have had a lot of them!) and furthermore allowed me complete access to the Focus RS development blog, in order to see just what performance upgrades they have in store for the new hot hatch.

Ford Focus RS
Team Mishimoto Intercooler (Photo Mishimoto) /

If you are not familiar with the name, Mishimoto has been around for over 10 years,
and is one of the world leaders in aftermarket performance cooling products for auto enthusiasts around the world.

Located in New Castle, Delaware the company’s 17,500-foot facility was created for auto enthusiasts, by auto enthusiasts. From intercooler upgrades to oil cooler kits and catch cans, Mishimoto’s goal is to provide you the highest-quality products and service to help keep your vehicle cool.

Whether you are a daily driver looking for a little more power, or a full spec race team looking for that competitive edge, the company has a variety of different cooling products available for almost every car manufacturer.

Ford Focus RS
Team Mishimoto getting up close and familiar with the new EcoBoost Engine (Photo Mishimoto) /

Mishimoto – Attention To Detail

Additionally, I am also impressed with the company’s attention to detail. Mishimoto takes pride in ownership and performs all of their testing in-house. Click on the Team “Mishi” Development Blog, and you will find a very informative layout to their research and development process.

For knuckle-draggers like me, it’s very easy to read and leaves you interested in wanting to know more about the products being developed.

This level of detail is why Art of Gears is excited to announce that we will be installing Mishimoto products on our Ford Focus RS, to see just how well these upgrades increase the airflow to the new 2.3L EcoBoost engine.

With products like the newly released oil catch can, as well as the cold air intake and intercooler upgrades that are currently in development, stay tuned to see just what Mishimoto has in store for the new RS.

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For more information on the Mishimoto airflow and cooling upgrades for the new Focus RS, check out the Mishimoto Engineers blog here.