Bugatti Veyron Hellbug Hits 230 MPH on the Freeway

Bugatti Veyron (Photo YouTube)
Bugatti Veyron (Photo YouTube) /

Watch as this Bugatti Veyron “Hellbug” hits 230 mph down a freeway in Idaho. Yes, we want to try it.  

I enjoy listening to a variety of different music on a road trip. I don’t have one particular style that I listen to. From rock legends like “Guns and Roses”, to rap superstar “Lil Wayne”,  I choose my music playlist based on how I am feeling that day or where I plan on driving. Which makes me wonder, what kind of music do Bugatti Veyron owners have in there playlist?

When I know I am going on a long road trip, I try to add a variety of different songs to add to the experience of being on the open road. One of these songs is by a rapper named Ace Hood called “I woke up in a Bugatti”.

While this style of rap music might not be for everyone, (I don’t recommend listening to this particular song when you are dropping your kids off at school), something about the beat in the song makes me just “feel” fast.

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I find myself clicking on this particular song not when I am driving through the “twisties”, but on the long, straight sections of a road trip. I’m talking about areas where it’s just you, and the open road.

That’s why, this week, when I was doing some research on the Bugatti Chiron, I saw this Bugatti video on YouTube and for some reason, it reminded me of my music playlist. It’s not like I ever had any dreams of owning a Bugatti, but the video confirms the reason why I find myself putting this particular song in my playlist during the long straightaways. This is exactly how I would envision myself driving this car!

The video which takes place at the 2106 Sun Valley Road Rally back in July. It shows a Bugatti Veyron “Hellbug” hit a blistering 230 mph down an Idaho freeway. While this isn’t the first time this particular Bugatti has hit 230 mph, it’s still a pretty cool video, and shows just how fast this “Hellbug” really is. I wonder what song was in his playlist?

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse features a 1,200 hp, quad-turbo 8.0-liter W-16 engine.  If that’s not impressive enough, Bugatii’s newest addition, the Bugatti Chiron, is said to have 1500 hp, and could possibly be the most powerful fully street-legal production car. We will take a look at the new Chiron later this week.

So, what kind of music is in your road trip playlist? Let us know on Twitter @ArtofGears. For those of you interested in listening to the clean radio version of the song, you can find it here:

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For more information of the Bugatti Veyron and the new Chiron, visit the official website here.