Mercedes X-Class Pickup A New Class Of Truck

Photo: Mercedes-Benz
Photo: Mercedes-Benz /

Mercedes unveiled the X-Class truck to rave reviews. The question is will this the be the start of a new truck class or just another concept.

Last year when Mercedes announced they were going to build a midsized pickup, many questioned if it would every really happen. Well, they did it and the questions still remain. Is there even a market for this midsized pickup truck?

While Mercedes have been building off-road vehicles for decades, the decision to enter the truck market is interesting. When announcing the markets they plan to sell the tough looking X-Class, you see the market they are after. The absence of the USA is telling.

With the help of the Nissan-Renault Alliance, the Mercedes X-Class is very old school in its design. The body on frame layout is a bit of a surprise. With the aggressive stance combined with the wheel and tire package, the X-Class looks to be ready for off-roading.

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Above the frame is where you get the signature Mercedes lines and styling. The interior as well is everything you would expect in a luxury sedan. From head on the X-Class looks very much like the GLE on steroids.

While Mercedes unveiled the X-Class, they did not give a lot of specifics regarding drivetrains or performance. They did say that the top of the line versions will be equipped with a Deisel V6. The Mercedes 4-matic all wheel drive system will be aboard the new truck.

The real question is there really a place for this type of vehicle? In the USA, Ford tried the luxury truck market with their Lincoln brand and Chevrolet with GMC. In the countries that have been announced for sale of the X-Class, trucks are more utilitarian.

Even if just a design experiment, the Mercedes X-Class is an interesting concept. In part, the body does not fit the chassis, but at the same time excites you. In an era where off-road trucks are going for more tough and rugged looks, Mercedes has introduced a beauty.

If the new X-Class is popular overseas, maybe we in the USA will get a chance to try out this midsized offroader. With Ford getting ready to reintroduce the Ranger midsized pickup, maybe it’s time for a luxury version.

One of the most unique and curious features of the X-Class is the tailgate. The open honeycomb design seems to render the bed useless for many tasks. Maybe it is just honest designing, you are not taking a Mercedes to get a load of mulch. Not unlike many of the Ford Raptors, the X-Class is for the urban off-roader in the car rider line at school.