Did The Grand Tour Kick Door Open For Top Gear

Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images
Photo by Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images /

After two episodes of The Grand Tour, it is becoming apparent that there is room for Top Gear to succeed too.

Like most everyone else who has been watching the first episodes of The Grand Tour, I love having the guys back on TV. As it turns out, the show is quite different from Top Gear. Whether by design or threat of legal action by the BBC, the shows are quite different.

I have actually been seeing some post from people looking forward to new episodes of Top Gear! People really wanting to give Matt LeBlanc a chance. Many, just so happy about the screaming Chris Evans being gone. Whatever the reason, the tide is slowly changing.

Now that all of us have seen the original Top Gear trio on The Grand Tour, we are missing some elements from the old show. There is a window, however small it may be, for Top Gear to find its way back into our hearts. A world where both shows are succeeding would be a much happier place.

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One of the big complaints about The Grand Tour has been the killing off of celebrities. One of my personal favorites of Top Gear was Clarkson interviewing on the couch. I am very curious to see if LeBlanc can engage with people in the same disarming manner.

It has become apparent that they are sparing no expense on The Grand Tour with the cars they are using. Some of the best Top Gear bits were of the guys struggling with constantly failing cars. Seeing how American LeBlanc handles that in Europe could end up being quite funny.

The series of Top Gear with Chris Evans did not utilize the Stig very much at all. Now The Grand Tour has retired NASCAR driver Mike Skinner. I miss the Stig being involved in so many aspects of the show. The Stig added an element that was always a good laugh.

The Grand Tour Guys are going out of their way to outdo anything they have done on Top Gear in the past. The Top Gear cast can now just be Top Gear. They don’t have to compete with the myth of whatever The Grand Tour was going to turn out to be.

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As we were waiting for The Grand Tour I was worried there was not going to be room for both shows. Now that we have a couple episodes under our belt, I think it is safe to say that Top Gear has a chance to find its place again. If it does, it will have a home again on my television on Monday nights on BBC America.