Hyundai Erases All Questions With The Genesis G90

photo by Philippe Petit/Paris Match via Getty Images
photo by Philippe Petit/Paris Match via Getty Images /

There had always been a question of how nice could the Hyundai Genesis really be. The Genesis G90 belongs in the same breath as Mercedes and BMW without question.

A few years back my wife and I were looking for a new sedan to replace her Volvo S80. People kept recommending the Genesis, but we were hesitant. We took a test drive, kicked the tires, but could not pull the trigger. It was a Hyundai, we just could not get past the name. We went another direction, and that was a mistake.

The new Genesis has grown even further and placed itself right in the discussion of the best luxury sedan on the road. The new G90 has everything you could want in a car. It has come of age and outgrown the questions about its pedigree.

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With all four seats beeing heated and vented, the moment you sit in a new Genesis you know it is special. The interior has a hint of classical refinement with modern amenities. There is an abundance of manual controls that most cars have moved to the digital display. I like the ease of use have the straight forward buttons leaves the driver.

Whether you chose the 3.3L turbo or the 5.0L engines, you will have more than enough power. At 365hp and 420hp respectively, the Genesis is a force to drive. The 8-speed paddle shift allows you  to enjoy the confident feel on the road. The HTRACK all wheel drive is optional but really makes a wonderful difference in the drive.

The exterior of the Genesis has benefited from time as well. The unique lines and LED lights make a statement when on the road. When first introduced, the Genesis designers borrowed a lot from the Bently. In 2016 the design stands on its own proudly and with style.

One of the selling points of the Genesis was that it had all the luxury of the European sedans, but at a more affordable price. At around $70,000 for a fully equipped G90, you are still less expensive than most import luxury sedans but getting closer. Still, at that price you are getting an amazing car that will last you for years.

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The history of the Genesis mechanically has been quite good. The sedan comes with the 100,000 mile Hyundai warranty program and is repairable in most locations. They have really done everything they can to alleviate any concerns about buying a Hyundai. With rave reviews from almost every outlet, including ours, the verdict is in. The Genesis is one of the best luxury sedans on the road and well worth the price.