Jay Leno’s Garage Deserves So Much Better

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After catching up on Jay Leno’s Garage on my DVR, I realized it is a great show that deserves more prominence.

If you are reading Art Of Gearz, you are more than likely a car guy. In the USA, there is the king of car guys, Jay Leno. He is an avid collector, restorer, and fan of all things road going. After leaving The Tonight Show, he got his own car show from NBC, Jay Leno’s Garage. Unfortunately, they put it on CNBC to never reach its potential.

Most car shows specialize in a type of project. There is Fast N Loud that builds custom muscle cars. Or you can watch Chasing Classic Cars that is all about originals and authenticity. The Powerblock on Spike has all shows that are narrowly focused on specific car types. It is hard to find a broad audience for those shows.

Then there is Jay Leno’s Garage. From his early steam-powered brass cars to his custom-built jet car, there is something for everyone. The hour format allows for more segments with different cars and guests. He gets guests that multiple generations can recognize and enjoy. It is an hour that not just you, but your wife and family can enjoy.

Yet with all that is going for it, the powers that be have decided you are not going to remember to watch it. They put it on perennial news network ratings loser CNBC. I love the show and I can’t even remember what channel it is on! I regularly find it as a pleasant surprise on my DVR. CNBC is in such obscure position on most guides you can’t even find it when looking for something to watch in the evening.

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What is even worse, NBC has several other outlets they can air the show in addition to CNBC. NBCSN comes to mind considering it is home to NASCAR as well. They do not even take the opportunity to air it cross-platform to grow the fan base. It is CNBC or nothing! The future of the show is directly connected to the number of people that watch it. Finding it a week later and watching it does not help the ratings of the show. Advertisers need people to see it close to when it airs.

NBC famously has done wrong by Jay Leno several times. From the original Tonight Show transition from Carson to the Conan Obrian fiasco, Jay has endured and been the loyal soldier. It is time for him to finally step away from his peacock loyalty and get his show in front of more people. Jay Leno’s Garage is in danger of joining the dreaded brilliant but canceled list.

I have written about many of the car shows that are popular today. Like The Grand Tour and Top Gear, Jay Leno’s Garage is a car show that I can watch with my wife without getting yelled at. I need more shows like this, not less. If it continues to just be seen when found on the DVR, it is not going to survive. That means more having to watch the Voice and NCIS, please NBC do not let this happen!

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