Chasing Classic Cars Returns For its 9th Season

Photo credit should read JACQUES DEMARTHON/AFP/Getty Images)
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One of the longest original shows on the Velocity network, Chasing Classic Cars, returns for its 9th season in 2017.

For those wondering if we were going to see any more of Wayne Carini and his F40 Motorsports crew, the answer is yes in 2017. Velocity has picked up the venerable car show, Chasing Classic Cars, for its ninth season. It will begin airing in March, with 13 new episodes.

Chasing Classic Cars has followed car collector and restorer Wayne Carini around the globe searching for lost automotive treasures. His show was one of the forerunners to the “barn find” craze. With connections throughout the world, these hidden gems have been brought back to life on CCC.

One of the more interesting aspects of the show is when Wayne takes cars to auction. There often seems to be a disconnect in what the value Carini sees and what the gavel brings. My wife often opines how after seeing the show, anyone would trust his assessment of a cars auction value. I think that is part of the beauty of the show. It often does not end like you think you are being set up for.

The first couple of seasons saw Carini focusing on pre-war American classics and europian sports cars. The last few series has seen the show feature more American made muscle cars and more racing features. It has helped keep the show fresh and a bit unpredictable.

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Some of the best episodes have involved Wayne Carini heading to Pebble Beach to show some of his prize restorations. His F40 Motorsports shop is one of the premier Ferrari restoration shops in the country. The attention to detail and authenticity his team has put into their projects is amazing. Most people do not understand what it takes to get a car ready for a premier show or auction. Chasing Classic Cars pulls back the curtain for fans to see a little more than most shows.

Unlike Fast N Loud or Counting Cars, Chasing Classic Cars has less in the form of entertainment but focus more on cars. There is more on the chase and negotiation as opposed to the restoration. It is a bit refreshing to see more of the details that Carini shows. I think that is how it has survived for nine seasons now.

For longtime fans of the show, we have seen the market change dramatically for classic cars. When CCC first aired, we were still in the financial crisis and car values were in a real slump. As the market has recovered the classic car marketplace has exploded. Car values are through the roof, but what is desired has changed fundamentally.

In 2017 we will see more of Wayne Carini doing his magic. His choices in cars have evolved with the marketplace that keeps his show relevant. I look forward to the new season of Chasing Classic Cars but fear that the end is fast approaching. Fortunately for people who are just now finding the show, Velocity often has marathons to catch up.

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