Speed Is The New Black To Air In 2017 On Velocity

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A new player in custom car building comes to your home this spring on Velocity. Classic Car Studio out of St. Louis brings a younger vision of car building to television.

Most of the car restorations shows on television are lead by middle aged, long time builders. Speed Is The New Black brings us thirty-year-old Noah Alexander and his Classic Car Studio crew. Velocity Network brings us the next generation of car restoration to your living room.

Noah Alexander has built his reputation on wild customs that turn heads and destroy tires. His modern vision for classic cars is a fresh view that will fit well in today’s world. His creations are not just trailer queens, but driving pieces of art.

The Classic Car Studio facilities in St. Louis have embraced modern technology without being held back by nostalgic feel. Thier twin turbo C10 shop truck should give you a good idea of what they can do. This is not a shop just built for TV either, they have been around for five years. With builds showcased at SEMA and car shows across the country, they have built a reputation as one of the top custom shops in the country.

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With Speed Is The New Black finding a home on Velocity, we should be able to see more of the cars and less of the staged drama we get on other cable car shows. One of the great things about the new shows on Velocity is they take the cars more seriously than the personalities. One of the biggest killers of car shows is too much personality, and forgetting about the builds. It should also get a longer time to establish itself than if it was on Discovery or the History Channel.

Classic Car Studio is also just not a restoration garage, but a dealership of classics and customs. This should help the show be able to stay fresh with new and different cars coming in and out of the shop. Noah Alexanders’s age should help attract a younger clientele to the shop that will draw a younger audience.

Added to the Velocity lineup that includes Chasing Classic Cars, Americarna, Fantomworks, Bitchin’ Rides, among others, Velocity has the car scene covered. If you cannot find a car show on Velocity to your liking, you are just not trying.

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One of the shows that Discovery networks seem to have given up on is the build off. With the addition of Speed Is The New Black, there is an opportunity there for some amazing competition between builders. We can only hope that some friendly competition between shows leads to a special or two in 2017.

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