Netflix Takes Aim At The Grand Tour With Jerry Seinfeld

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Jerry Seinfeld bringing his long-running Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee to Netflix. The first original car programming for Netflix and a direct response to the popularity of The Grand Tour.

In what comes at somewhat of a surprise, Jerry Seinfeld has moved his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee of Crackle to Netflix. The move for Netflix makes a lot of sense seeing the overwhelming response to The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. It seems to be the perfect marriage of comedy and cars.

Netflix has been collecting a broad base of stand-up comedians to its original programming. Having Jerry Seinfeld’s car show to go with it will attract a combination of viewers. With The Grand Tour not haveing celebrity guests, it seems to fill a void that some fans of the old Top Gear might be looking for.

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Having Seinfeld reportedly shunned Hulu, partially owned by NBC, this seems to signal a departure from his former home. Another part of this package with Netflix is future a development deal. I do not think it was purely a coincidence that in the press release they mentioned the future production deal for scripted and non-scripted programming. Just pure speculation, another car program down the line with longtime friend and fellow comedian Jay Leno would be a game changer.

While Jay Leno has stayed loyal to his longtime employer NBC, they relegated his Jay Leno’s Garage to CNBC. Even though it is one of the network’s most watched programs, it is a black sheep on the schedule. The lack of reruns on other NBC properties is severely limiting the programs reach. Being on Netflix would bypass any network conflict issues that Leno might still have.

Anyone who has watched Jerry Seinfeld’s show knows how much it means to him. He seems truly comfortable in the setting. His humor and celebrity brings out more in guests than most of the best talk show hosts. It is great seeing him so creatively free while doing a show that he sincerely enjoys. Netflix will provide an excellent platform to expand the audience.

Unlike terrestrial television, there is not going to be a head to head for the programs. We are not even going to see any viewership numbers for the show. There is no doubt though this move is in reaction to The Grand Tour’s popularity here in the USA. Hopefully, networks will see more of the value of quality car programming.

Having been a fan of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee since it was just an internet show, I am excited to see its growth. With as much as Netflix is spending on Jerry Seinfeld, there has to be more in the works. That is where I think we are all going to see something special as car show fans in the future.

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