Aaron Kaufman Quiet Since Gas Monkey Garage Exit

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In December it was announced that the talented bearded master mechanic was leaving Gas Monkey Garage and Discovery’s Fast N Loud. Since then, Aaron Kaufman has been surprisingly quiet about his future.

When it was announced that Aaron Kaufman was leaving Gas Monkey Garage, it caught many by surprise. It also led to rampant speculation about Kaufman’s future. As of now, Aaron has kept quiet about his plans going forward.

With this season of Fast N Loud on Discovery approaching its end, we all figured something would have surfaced regarding Aaron Kaufman by now. The release from Discovery Network regarding hoping to work with him going forward led many to assume he would continue on television. As of now there has been no sightings or announcements to report on.

Any rumblings a disgruntled departure from Gas Monkey and Fast N Loud were put to rest when Aaron Kaufman was seen celebrating with the rest of the Gas Monkey family last month. With chief Monkey Richard Rawlings producing shows now, another spinoff is possible. One with a shorter schedule might help coax the bearded wonder back in front of the camera.

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Having had the opportunity to interview several of the staff at Gas Monkey Garage, I learned the schedule is grueling. Nothing about the shop is fake. They work year rear round on projects at a breakneck pace. Unlike the standard hot rod shops that take six months to a year to complete a project, Gas Monkey does them in weeks. On top of that, it is on camera and the demands that have on time. The pressure that put Kaufman under has been well hidden. He has been there since long before the cameras and the crazy time demands.

Looking at the present staff at Gas Monkey Garage, most have been added since Fast N Loud took off. Aaron was the last of the out front crew that has held on since the inception. Aaron often accompanied Richard on trips and still had responsibilities in the shop. It had to wear on the Kaufman more than it showed on screen.

We as fans and viewers should have seen this coming. Aaron has spent more time away from the shop on personal events the last couple seasons. Trips to Pike’s Peak and his motorcycle build, looking back were opportunities for him to recharge. If he does return to television, it would surely be with a reduced schedule.

Until we get an official announcement about Aaron’s return to television, we will have to enjoy his final few episodes of Fast N Loud. While we will miss the banter between Richard and AK, I am sure we will see them together again. It will just be in a different format and what that is will keep us asking questions.

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