McLaren 720S: Revamping to Raise the Bar For Supercars

Courtesy of McLaren Automotive
Courtesy of McLaren Automotive /

On March 7, 2017 McLaren will be unveiling the ‘720S’ at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show. McLaren’s codename for this supercar is the P14.

Though McLaren hasn’t officially given us the name, for this article’s sake, we are going with the popular 720S name. The 720S will be a revamp for McLaren’s Super Series and is sure to raise the bar for supercars. Let’s take a look at how McLaren intends on doing this.

First, you should know all of their cars are put into three levels set by the automotive company. The first or minimum level being the Sports Series, the second being the Super Series, and the third and top level being the Ultimate Series. The 720S falls into the Super Series and replaces the 650S. Not only does it replace the 650S, but McLaren is overhauling the entire Super Series with the 720S.

How is McLaren doing this?

Since they revealed the 12C back in 2011, their cars have had a 3.8L twin turbo V8. Each engine was moderately different in every individual model so it could have the best performance given the series level. Now, McLaren is giving the 720S a 4.0L twin turbo V8. Not only is this engine going to have improved performance, but it is also said to have a rich sound.

Courtesy, McLaren Automotive
Courtesy, McLaren Automotive /

The 720S’ performance

Though the 720S’ power hasn’t officially been announced, it is rumored to be in the ballpark of 720 horsepower.

Even though we don’t know the exact power figures, we do know at least one result. McLaren has stated the 720S can go from 0-124 mph in 7.8 seconds.  That’s faster than a vast majority of cars can go from 0-60 mph.

Not only can the 720S accelerate at an incomprehensible level, but it can also slow down just as well. Thanks to its carbon ceramic rotors, the 720S can go from 124-0 mph in just 4.6 seconds — and that’s in 6 meters less than the 650S. These are statistics that are extremely hard to fathom.  So 720S can perform very well in straight lines, but how about cornering?

How is the 720S being updated for handling?

The 720S is also getting an updated chassis control system, dubbed the Proactive Chassis Control ll.

This system can adapt to its environment via three presets – Comfort, Sport, and Track. These presets are nothing new with McLaren’s, but how the vehicle gathers information and reacts, is new.

In a press release by the company,  the following information was revealed by the supercar giant.

"Proactive Chassis Control II uses multiple sensors – 12 more than on previous Super Series models, including an accelerometer on each wheel hub – to ‘read’ inputs from the road and measure tyre contact patch."

If all this isn’t enough, the 720S will also give you the ability to drift with just the swipe of your finger. Named the Variable Drift Control, this system precisely works the stability control to allow even the most novice driver a chance at drifting.

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All of these performance statistics and systems wouldn’t be able to perform at their best without a great tire. McLaren has partnered with Pirelli to engineer a P Zero Corsa tire specifically for the 720S.

When the 12C (at the time named MP4-12C) was released, it was criticized for having a lack of passion or emotion.

Now in 2017, you can tell the company is doing their best to start this second-generation Super Series off on a better note.

You can see this from the teaser pictures and video. In my opinion, the 720S looks like it is going to have plenty of character, not only in the way it performs but also in the way it looks and sounds.

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For more information on the 720S directly from McLaren, click below.