Street Outlaws: Big Changes For Outlaws And Big Chief In New Season

Courtesy, Discovery
Courtesy, Discovery /

Normally, something like the Mega Race with Gas Monkey Garage would be a season highlight. The new season of Street Outlaws is about to turn everything upside down.

With all the build up to the Mega Race on Discovery, we heard some surprising details about the upcoming season of Street Outlaws. The rules have changed, and everyone is going to have to scramble. Nobody’s spot on the list is safe.

For Big Cheif, his world is about to be turned upside down. When he accepted the Mega Race challenge, he thought he was racing Aaron Kaufman in a Gas Monkey build. It turns out he is racing NHRA Pro Stock driver Alex Laughlin! Alex brought his father to Dallas and are helping the monkeys build their car.

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As this is happening, word gets out about changes in the 405. Pro mods, like Big Chief’s Crowmod, are out. The boys are getting back to basics and real street racing with real cars. That leaves several teams scrambling and makes some new favorites to move up the list.

Some drivers who had fallen off the list are set to make a return and shake things up. The top of the list will not be as protected by dollars as it has in the past. Spots are going to come and go more on who is driving and tuning.

For Big Chief, his whirlwind year of racing in the NHRA and the Mega Race are going to come to an end. If he wants to get back to the top of the list, he is going to have to build another new car. Add in the Mega Race build and this could be the toughest season for one of the 405’s best.

Just when you think you know who is who on Street Outlaws, word gets out about the rule changes. Some new cars and drivers show up to stake claim to a spot on the coveted list.

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Discovery Channel has done a great job of killing my Monday nights! With the latest season of Fast N Loud full of surprises, they drop this bomb about Street Outlaws! I don’t know about anyone else, but my Monday nights are booked until summer.