Vegas Rat Rods Returns To Discovery With All New Creations


Vegas Rat Rods on Discovery has given us 2 seasons of unique builds. The show returns with all-new creations on April 24th as part of the spring Motor Mondays.

The crew at Welder Up garage returns for season 3 bringing us their own automotive art. Steve Darnell has been showing us his twisted visions of motoring madness on Discovery for two years now – from his evil-looking Tuxedo Rod to the seemingly Mad Max-inspired Train Car.

This season of Vegas Rat Rods promises to push the shop to its very limits. Not just on time but creatively as well. With the popularity garnered from the show, Steve has to step it up to keep his customers happy. What goes untold is the pressure he puts on himself to continue to set his shop apart in a growing custom car world.

Welder Up has built its reputation on building one-of-a-kind rat rods. Turning what were passed over as rusted-up forgotten cars into fire-breathing beasts. In a world of car shows where every dent is fixed and hint of rust removed, Vegas Rat Rods is a breath of fresh air. Their builds always finish up differently than expected leaving you wanting for more.

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Las Vegas is the perfect backdrop for Vegas Rat Rods. Every week the team gambles they can create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for their more demanding customers. What really sets the team at Welder Up apart is they don’t have a signature feel. While that sounds bad, it really is a compliment. Every build is one-off and unique. If not for the Welder Up logo on the car you would be hard-pressed to identify the builder. Steve puts all of his cards on the table with every build.

Could this season be the one that has Steve Darnell pushing his crew too far? He always promises to exceed his customer’s imagination. Could he finally promise more than what his team is capable of? The ever-increasing demands will put more pressure on the shop than ever before.

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I have to be honest, the first episode I saw of Vegas Rat Rods, I just could not understand why anyone would want a car like that. The more I watched, the more I wanted to see what they built. Now I have set my DVR to record the show so I don’t miss it. I go to car shows now and look at the rat rods so much differently since I got hooked on Welder Up’s work.

When I was thinking about this upcoming season of Vegas Rat Rods, I could not help but wonder if another Discovery crossover episode could be in the works. After seeing the Mega Race episodes with Street Outlaws and Fast N Loud, I thought about what could be. Gas Monkey Garage started building Rat Rods. Could a build-off be in order? Some of the diesel projects they have done also make me wonder if they could work together with the bearded boys up I15 in Utah. What could the Diesel Brothers and Vegas Rat Rods come up with? We will have to tune in starting April 24th to find out.