Honda Civic Type-R May Get A Lighter And Cheaper Variant In 2018

Courtesy: Honda Media Newsroom
Courtesy: Honda Media Newsroom /

If one were to believe Honda Pro Jason, we’ll be getting a stripped-down model of the mighty Honda Civic Type R. That’ll be in 2018 though.

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R – one of the most crucial launches of this year’s New York International Auto Show. Its pricing places it in the “mid-$30k” range, thereby making the Ford Focus RS lose sleep indefinitely. But the Type R is still an expensive proposition for the average hot-hatch buyer. $35k is still a lot of money.

Honda’s announcement was limited to the launch of the Civic Type R in one trim, with all the creature comforts and fancy tech in place. How we wish, they launched a base variant so that some more enthusiasts can dive into the experience. Well, keep those fingers crossed, because it just may happen. Here’s why.

Honda Pro Jason is an authority when it comes to all things Honda. The chap runs the most-watched Honda news channel in the world with his videos fetching millions of views. Jason works closely with manufacturer and its dealers too. Being well-informed about the topic, he might even know things that the rest of the motoring world doesn’t have a clue about. So when Jason puts up a tweet saying that the Honda Civic Type R may be getting a cheaper and lighter variant in 2018, one has to sit up and take notice.

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If the Honda Civic Type R which is coming in first is the touring version with all the goodies onboard, the cheaper version will be devoid of those features. Now that’s something which most “serious drivers” won’t mind at all. Think about it this way. By removing the luxury features which make the Type R a comfortable place to be in, we are actually getting a cheaper and above all, a lighter car.

We aren’t in a position to calculate the revised power-to-weight ratio of the Honda Civic Type R “Superleggera” at the moment. Plus, it’ll be too ambitious to expect this base variant to be phenomenally quicker than the fully-loaded version. But the light-weight, stripped-down, base model will be the kind of car that hardcore drivers would love to take out for a round of spirited driving.

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Making it accessible to many more enthusiasts with a lower price tag, while still preserving the Honda Civic Type R’s driving experience will be where the triumph of the whole exercise lies.