BMW 1 Series Sedan Sales Will Be Limited To China

Courtesy: BMW PressClub Global
Courtesy: BMW PressClub Global /

The prospect of a BMW sedan which is smaller and cheaper than the 3 Series is so much tempting. But it seems the BMW 1 Series sedan will be limited to sales in China.

An Autocar report has surfaced quoting a BMW source who shot down all those recent news updates on the manufacturer considering the BMW 1 Series sedan for launch in global markets. As of now, the sedan is limited to sales in China only.

While the Audi A3 and the Mercedes Benz CLA sedan are extremely popular in global markets, BMW is in no hurry to add a lower stepping stone to the Bavarian carmaker’s sedan lineup. Commenting on the discussion point, the Autocar source said,

There are no immediate plans to sell the 1 Series saloon outside of China. The initial signs there are quite positive.

BMW 1 Series Sedan China
Courtesy: BMW PressClub Global /

The front-wheel-drive BMW 1 Series sedan is manufactured and sold in China with able assistance from Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. The joint venture title BMW Brilliance has been in place since 2003 and has proven to be lucrative for both parties involved.

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The BMW 1 Series sedan was born out of the Chinese market’s preference for affordable sedans than hatchbacks. A market characteristic which is much different from Europe, where hatchbacks are the go-to body styles for budget cars.

On an interesting note, BMW hasn’t rebutted the buzz surrounding their plans to launch a sedan set below the 3 Series. But they are trying not to rush the whole thing since a lot of thought and market analysis has to go into a business move of that kind.

Introducing a decently-packaged small sedan under the current BMW 3 Series sedan may end up with the former chewing into the sales of the latter. And the 3 Series sedan is a strong seller for the manufacturer already.

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To sum it all up, the global markets may get a smaller and cheaper BMW sedan in due course. But it won’t be the current generation BMW 1 Series model which is on sale in China now. And of course, BMW will be launching that budget sedan in markets other than China, only after ensuring that it won’t be a cannibalizing case for them.