Hyundai Motor America Recall: 600,000 Cars Affected In The US

Courtesy: Hyundai Motor America Newsroom
Courtesy: Hyundai Motor America Newsroom /

Brace yourselves, Hyundai owners. The company has issued recalls for the Santa Fe, Santa Fe Sport, Genesis and the Sonata in the US.

Among the not-at-all entertaining new updates of the day, is the one on a couple of recalls issued by Hyundai Motor America. A total of 600,000 Hyundai vehicles in the US will fall under these. The models which are affected include the Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport SUVs as well as the Genesis and Sonata sedans.

The recall news was announced by National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. Fortunately, no accidents involving the aforementioned cars have taken place because of the reasons stated for the recalls.

Taking the sedans first, the Genesis and the Sonata sedans built during the 2015-2016 time frame have a problem with their parking brake switch. Apparently, the switch tends to get corroded easily, which leads to the warning light not popping up when the hand brake is engaged. That’s never a good thing as the driver may not know if the brake has been disengaged or not.

Hyundai Sonata
Hyundai Sonata /

Courtesy: Hyundai Motor America Newsroom

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
Hyundai Santa Fe Sport /

Courtesy: Hyundai Motor America Newsroom

Hyundai Genesis
Hyundai Genesis /

Courtesy: Hyundai Motor America Newsroom

Driving off with the hand brake deployed will cause unnecessary wear and tear for the brakes and can also affect the acceleration and handling of the vehicle. All of which can conclude in a nasty accident.

A total of 437,400 SUVs and 161,074 sedans fall under the latest recall from Hyundai Motor America.

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Now comes the big boys – the Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Sport. Units of these SUVs manufactured during the 2013-2017 time period have a problem with the secondary hood latch. The secondary latch is in place to keep the hood closed in the event of the primary latch failing. However, since the actuator cable of the secondary latch in the affected cars has a corrosion problem, there is a likelihood of the hood popping open while driving. Again, awful accident, expensive repairs, hospital runs and insurance claims.

Hyundai will be contacting owners of affected cars by the end of June. The dealer will be replacing the faulty cable of the sedans and the park brake switch of the SUVs with new ones.

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Hyundai Motor America will be bearing the expenses involved.